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RESEARCH is the foundation of Soccer-1™.

We studied every aspect of the Beautiful Game in depth: watching hour after hour of match footage, examining in detail how dozens of professionals execute fundamental moves, and using the latest motion-capture technology to better understand the physics of the human body on the soccer pitch.

Our team includes top sports scientists, an orthopedist who’s practically obsessed with reducing soccer injuries, and a pro- fessional player with more than a decade’s experience in the world’s top leagues and dozens of appearances for Brazil’s storied national team.

We put our experience and expertise to work making Soccer-1™ a powerful tool that helps players get more out of themselves — and coaches get more out of their players.

Designed for every player

Generic workouts won’t do the trick for soccer players. The game puts unique demands on athletes’ bodies because it requires them to get around the pitch with the same parts of their bodies they use to play the ball. Soccer-1TM takes that into account. It also recognizes that female bodies and male bodies are different. So users get the training that’s best for them.

Train like a pro with Soccer-1™.

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Our research allowed us to identify and categorize 62 fundamentals — every move players make during matches. Then we applied the science of biomechanics to each fundamental to determine exactly how players can maximize efficiency and reduce injuries.

We brought professional players — male and female — into a state-of-the-art motion-capture facility. Our sports scientists coached them to execute the 62 fundamentals in a biomechanically-optimal way, and we recorded their every move for Soccer-1™ so you can study those fundamentals from every angle in three dimensions, in close-up, even in slow motion. And our unique Biomechanical View™ details the correct ranges of motion and limb placement for the fundamentals every player needs to know.

High-tech technical training

Soccer-1™ uses the science of biomechanics to generate personalized technical workouts made up of the 62 soccer fundamentals identified by our sports science team and based on a player’s skill level and field position. As a player’s skills advance, so does the intensity and specificity of each workout.


Each workout provides players with clear instructions that include how many reps to perform — and how often to take breaks, so they avoid overuse injuries. After each workout, players assess their own performance, and if they’re struggling with particular fundamentals, Soccer-1™ assigns them corrective exercises designed to help them do better the next time they do a technical workout.

Digital assistant for coaches

Coaches will love the detailed information Soccer-1™ provides on every player’s development, both technical and physical. They’ll see which workouts their players did, what areas they’re struggling with, and how much progress they make between coaching sessions.

Train like a pro with Soccer-1™.

Download the app for your iOS or Android device,
or try it in your browser.


Physical conditioning is essential to great soccer. A well-designed workout routine minimizes the risk of injury while improving a player’s ability to execute moves specific to soccer. Players whose lower bodies aren’t properly conditioned for the rigors of the game are less effective during matches and more likely to suffer overuse injuries, the most common type in soccer.

Built for better soccer

Soccer-1™ starts with a player’s age, sex, and skill level and generates a person- alized physical conditioning program made up of exercises our sports-science team developed specifically to improve match fitness and reduce common soccer injuries. Video clips illustrate each exercise with tips on how to maximize their effec- tiveness. Soccer-1™ tells players how many reps to perform of each exercise — and when to rest so they don’t overdo it.

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